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Android fails app installation: Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card

27 November 2011

Since a couple of weeks ago every time I try to update or install an app from the android market to the SD card on my HTC Desire (with Android 2.2) I get the following annoying message :

“Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card”

Googling around I found (here) that this is probably due to a previously  failed installation that leaves a file hanging around instead of properly removing it. The solution is to remove by hand the file smdl2tmp1.asec in the hidden folder:


In order to do that, connect your phone to your pc/mac, select “Mount as disk drive” on the phone and once the volume appears in the finder (I describe the mac procedure, in the case of windows or linux, mutatis mutandis, it should be equivalent), select “Go to folder” from the finder menu and type:

/Volumes/NO NAME/.android_secure

then delete the smdl2tmp1.asec file!

This is the easiest way to get to the file since the folder is hidden and you will not be able to get to it simply navigating in the usual way through the folders in the finder.

NB: in my case the SD name is “NO NAME”, yours could be different of course!



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  1. Ilija permalink

    Thank you! Very useful!

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